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Recover from Pain & Injury

Restore & Refresh Your Body

Make Your Body Resilient


Omega Health and Fitness – the ultimate integrative health and fitness community in the Toronto Beaches and the Bluffs.

Beach Volleyball

Suffering from an injury? Waking up stiff and ‘creaky’? Wishing that pain didn't dull your days?

There is a better way! Imagine you could have access with a touch of a button to a team of expert health care providers to map your journey from rehabilitation to performance. Imagine being in a safe environment and being part of an inclusive community where support and encouragement are the only crutches you’ll need. Imagine better health, less pain, and more living.



“The staff, trainers and therapists are amazing! Everyone there creates an amazing atmosphere that welcomes you and treats you like family. The admin team are always happy to see you and are very accommodating.” 
– K.G.

 “Highly qualified staff in both the clinic and the gym who offer personalized and individualized service. They view the person as a whole, listen to your concerns, and offer guidance and support to help you gain better health as well as achieve your fitness goals.” 
– D.W. 


Our Space

Welcome to Omega's NEW home in the Hunt Club neighbourhood of East Toronto. Designing our new facility during the Pandemic was an interesting challenge. How do we maintain the sense of community that makes Omega special while keeping everyone safe and protected? We've chosen natural materials, overdone it with ventilation, and installed glass barriers to allow natural light to flood our space, while delineating individual zones with ample spacing. We think you'll like it and we can't wait to welcome you back.


Why does this injury/pain keep coming back?

When should I see a therapist, and which one should I see?

How can I protect my back from another painful episode?

What role do nutrition and hormones play in healing and wellness?

How can I maintain my fitness and age well?

What exercises are the best for my condition?

How should I be eating to optimize my health and recovery?

Will I ever be able to play golf/volleyball/

tennis again without being afraid of


If you have asked yourself any of these questions, and want an ally on your health and fitness journey, then Omega is for you.

Our team is dedicated to helping people just like you live, move, and age better. Schedule a complimentary 5 minute call to see where to begin on your path to healing and vitality.

The Omega Difference

Expect to be empowered with knowledge, strategies, and confidence to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals. Let's start along the journey to viewing your body as an asset rather than an obstacle. Let us help engineer your body to live well!


It all starts with an initial consultation with an Omega clinician. We want to get a thorough understanding of your diagnosis, and hear from you where you're at now, and where you'd like to be. Next our team of experts will provide a step-by-step treatment plan backed by science. Our clinicians, exercise scientists, and Naturopathic Doctor will approach the challenge from their lenses of expertise, addressing the physical, functional, and biochemical components of healing. With the support of our team, and a clear plan, we'll get you on the road to recovery.


Our aim is not just to get you out of pain, or to help you lose/gain weight, or to get you stronger. Our aim is to KEEP you pain free, KEEP the weight off (or on), and KEEP building you stronger! Inspired by the Harvard School of Medicine's integrative approach, we have brought together a team of health and fitness experts. As physical and health educators, as such it’s our ethos to give you the tools you need to LIVE WELL. This is a partnership and a journey. Whether you're an olympic athlete, a keyboard jockey, or somewhere in between, you're in the right place at Omega. 


Wish you could get the results of a gym without the crowded setting and the intimidation factor? At Omega, the focus is on support and inclusion, we're the anti-gym for everyBody. Research shows that exercising with a partner increasing results by up to 14%. The concept is GAMIFICATION. When you make your rehab a game, in an environment of support, and compassion, huge GAINS happen, but you may be having too much fun to notice. No matter where you are on your journey from rehab to performance, you'll fit right in.


I love that I receive incredible care and that the team is integrated so that the clinic and trainers are all on the same page and working together to develop and implement a personalized treatment plan that isn't static. 

– K.P.

The awesome care received from great professionals that care about you and take time to find out exactly what you need to help with pain and rehabilitation. 

– D.H.



We created this business out of a vision for a healthier, more energetic community, and the desire to see true, integrative medicine realized with a team-based approach to health and fitness. In short, we are in the business of engineering bodies to LIVE/MOVE/AGE better, and we want to be your health and fitness team.


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