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Patients usually come to us in pain, frustrated, and unable to perform a desired activity; whether that's playing a sport, getting back to work, playing with grandchildren or simply just tired of waking up stiff everyday. We recognize that pain and injuries puts profound restrictions on ones physical and mental health. Breaking the viscious cycle of 'pain causing inflammation and inflammation causing pain' is the goal our expert clinicians in this phase of care. Our goal in INJURY TREATMENT is to show you that there is light at the end of the tunnel and to set up a plan to take control back!

In addition to addressing symptoms locally, we also combine a more wholistic Eastern Medicine view which regards the body as a garden not a machine, that needs to be nurished, watered, and cared for to thrive. We attempt to create an sustainable environment to set ourselves up to succeed in maintaining balance and homeostatis through Nutrition/Naturopathic Medicine and decrease stressors through Clinical Massage Therapy to ACCELERATE RECOVERY.



During this phase we explore the root cause of the injury or illness. We view the human body as a complex machine, that needs to be maintained and tuned up. Made up of engines, levers/pulleys that assist to allow us to move, we will systematically layout a plan to improve ones mobility and stability of the injured area. This focused method allow us to address 5* KEY components of biomotor skills (Strength, Endurance, Speed, Flexibility, ABCs (Agility, Balance, Coordination).

By now the pain has subsided significantly, though injured tissues have not yet completely healed. Did you know an acute bout of painful inflammation typically last 7-14 days? While muscle repair may take 10-12 weeks to heal. Ligaments tend to heal by 50% in 1-3months, 95% within 1 year.

While we believe that movement is medicine and always encourage our patients to build back their confidence we also will not let you get back to fast too quickly. By working with your team of clinicians we develop a safe way to return to activity by closely managing the frequency, duration, and intensity of the activity. Here, we want to focus on things you can do, and not dwell on the things you can't. We want to build confidence and do away with fragility.



Congratualtions! Here is where you've graduated from the clinic to the gym floor. You may have already met your Exercise Therapist in previous phases to supplement your treatments but this is where your Fitness Coach will assess your current fitness level and capabilities. We will superimpose this with your daily or activity demands to design a customized therapeutic exercise program to meet your needs.

This is our 'Secret Sauce' to INJURY PREVENTION. At this stage you are challenged to return to regular activities and start to feel like the 'old' NEW you ;)



Are you satisfied with the 'old' you? We aren't either :) We want the 'best' you! While you've improved your capabilities and skills, now is the time to build your capacity and your ability to withstand everything that life has to throw your way. You are the superhero of your story and your super power is determination, consistency, and newly acquired knowlegde. ONLY way to prevent injuries from re-occuring is to get faster (citius), stronger (fortius), and to reach higher (altius), whether you are 8 years old or 98 years young. Let us know what your next challenge is and lets get there together. Our mission is to engineer bodies to perform and age well. Let us join you on your journey to PERFORMANCE!

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