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Meet the Owners


Welcome to Omega Health + Fitness. We are your pathway to the most vibrant lifelong version of you.

We started Omega in 2011 because we knew there was a better way. 

Reactive care is how most Canadians manage their health and fitness, despite the consistent research indicating that proactive healthcare costs less, is more effective, and provides a better lifestyle throughout a longer life. Most people you know seek support only when they are ill, injured, in pain, overweight, or in a mental health crisis. This may be why Canada's rates for obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease are on the rise, and why being in pain as people age is treated as normal. 

There is a better way! And your body is amazing. So, whatever your healthcare mindset has been up until now, you can make a shift that results in better health, less pain, and more living. 

At Omega we have assembled an amazing group of experts to practice true integrative-medicine, with a team-based approach to health and fitness. This means first we get to know you, your body, your lifestyle, and your goals - then we work together to create a plan that is customized for you.

Our mission at Omega is to engineer bodies to live, move, and age better. We equip you to effortlessly integrate health and fitness into your life by simplifying the latest research, offering community support, and providing you with clinical expertise. 

Our vision for a healthier, more energetic community means we focus on your health depending on your needs within 3 key areas: injury RECOVERY, balance RESTORATION, and performance RESILIENCE.

We are passionate about making sure every life is a better life - whatever your age, whatever your fitness ability, whatever your journey. At Omega, we offer a culture of excellence and acceptance with active, results-oriented care. 

We hope you invite Omega Health + Fitness to become your health and fitness advocate. Please contact us at (647) 317-6017 or online with any questions you may have. Our door is always open. 



Dr. Ty Ashcroft & Dr. Thien Dang-Tan

Dear Health & Fitness enthusiast

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